Militia groups prepare for chaos after US election

The Norwegian newspaper ABC Nyheter has met one of the many militia groups in America, who are now preparing for chaos as a result of the election next week.

They will vote for Donald Trump, but fear that Hillary Clinton is going to win as a result of election fraud.

The militia group “Three Percent Security Force” in the state of Georgia in the United States, is preparing for chaos when the election result becomes clear.

– At that point I’ll just have to go with what my CEO tells me to do, which will be on standby for anything that might occur. Putin has already claimed to start a nuclear war with the United States at that time, if she (Clinton) comes into office, says “Rhino,” who do not want to come forward with his real name.

Now the militia group is practicing on advancement in urban areas. In recent years the number of militia groups in the United States has increased sharply.

According to Reuters, there were 42 groups in 2008, while this year it is projected to be 276 different groups. Some groups have even discussed an armed march on Washington if Clinton wins:

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– With Hillary, we must begin to worry about our weapons and our rights. I’ve got a feeling that the first thing she’ll do is put more restrictions on our firearms. And then it becomes impossible for us to bear arms anymore, says militia soldier Damen Gugh, and adds:

– And Trump, (if he loses) I’m a little worried that he’s going to stir up the population and cause riots and mayhem.

Whether it will be Trump or Clinton who moves into the White House – these militia soldiers claim they will sleep with weapons beside the bed and one eye open next week, as they expect trouble regardless of who wins.

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