Stop the presses! You know all those claims of racist attacks by Trump supporters that are being reported online? Yeah, well those are complete and total lies and we have the evidence to prove it.

Every liberal in will cry when you show them these undeniable FACTS disproving each major story they are claiming happened. I will also be showing you actual videos of LIBERALS assaulting Trump supporters fo no reason, kinda like this:

Let’s start with one of their favorite lies,

The FAKE attack in OBERLIN, OHIO

Okay, so this disgusting lie is one of the worst.

It was CLAIMED by liberal liars that a random black 17-year-old was jumped and beat up by a white store owner who was also a Donald Trump supporter while his friends watched.

That is untrue. What REALLY happened, according to police, was a ADULT man named Jonathan Aladin tried to steal wine from a liquor store by shoving it under his shirt.

“Allyn stated he advised Aladin that he knew he had the concealed items and told Aladin not to leave because he was contacting the police,” the report said. “Allyn stated Aladin attempted to leave the store so Allyn took out his phone and attempted to take a picture of Aladin and that’s when Aladin slapped Allyn’s hand and phone and caused it to strike Allyn in the face. Allyn stated Aladin began to run to the back of the store throwing the two bottles of wine on the floor.”

Aladin then started attacking the store owner before fleeing. When the store owner tried to chase him, Aladin and his friends jumped and beat the man, even saying they were planning on KILLING him. Thank God the police arrived before they could.

Now, let me ask you, does the store owner REALLY sound like a racist? That’s a big NO! However, just wait til you see how bad the rest of these lies are…


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