Van Damme EXPOSES the Rothschild and Rockefeller agenda live on TV

Actor Jean-Claude Van Damme is known to action movie fans as a fearless champion of the down-trodden. Now it seems Van Damme has taken the role of real life opposition to would be globalist tyrants.
Movie Hero Takes on Real Life Villains. Watch the video below! While participating on a panel for a French news network, Van Damme became very animated and passionate when the topic turned to American politics and its effect on the global community.
While others on the panel expressed their worry over the conservative nominees for president, Van Damme took the opportunity to draw attention to the multi-trillion dollar family dynasties that have corrupted and molded world politics for generations.
Van Damme stated that the Rothschild and Rockefeller families had used their power and money to influence governments and interfere with democratic processes.
He also expressed that their reach not only encompasses countries but entire continents. VanDamme explained that since 1827 the Rockefellers and their five sons’ legacies have infiltrated the world scene.
As far as his opinion on Trump, Van Damme stated that he knew Trump’s main interest was himself. His business interests and personal growth would always be the top priority for now President Elect.
However, Van Damme explained that this fore-knowledge of Trump’s motivations meant that he would not be apt to having secret globalist agendas and that people without a clear motivation hold much more potential for corruption.
Van Damme’s stand for the free-market and choosing a leader that motivations could be clearly discerned of shows great insight from a man with extensive world knowledge and observation.
While many who would comment about what effects Trump’s election would have world-wide, not many have the experience of dealing with other cultures as Van Damme has accumulated throughout his career.
While most Hollywood A-listers would shy away from taking a public, conservative stand, Van Damme has proven that he holds his personal principles and beliefs as being much more important than the next blockbuster hit.
The first step in battling the globalist agenda is to recognize the major players and the influence they have on the world stage. Jean-Claude Van Damme is a movie hero turned real life hero doing battle with evil and corruption worldwide.
Here is the video for you below with subtitles: This article (Van Damme EXPOSES the Rothschild and Rockefeller agenda live on TV

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