Lady Gaga Attacks Trump, Immediately Get’s Hit With Brutal Wakeup Call

Ever since Donald Trump won the presidency, singer Lady Gaga has been acting as if Americans are facing the end of the world. Now, her theatrics are coming back to bite her in a big way.

According to Mad World News, Lady Gaga said in an interview that she is “scared” to live in “Trump’s America.” She also declared that women are now “fighting for their lives.” Now, women throughout the country are pushing back on Gaga, letting her know she cannot speak for all women.

In an op-ed for Mad World News, Dawn Parabellium let the star know just how ridiculous her assertions are. Read the post below and tell us what you think:
In America, all people have the same rights. Women don’t make less than men when doing the same job. The wage gap has been thoroughly debunked — unless you listen to Rachel Maddow explain why her multi-million dollar salary isn’t enough. Lady Gaga’s fear for her life belongs solely to her, and not to the rest of the American women who take responsibility for our own lives. So, speak for yourself, Lady Gaga.
The United States affords women the opportunity to defend their lives with guns. If the scared left is so worried about their lives, maybe they should buck up and defend themselves instead of simply buying more Kleenex. In America, all citizens are given the right to self-defense, a natural right that is denied to most other inhabitants of the globe.
Normal and rational women aren’t fearing for their lives because we understand that we can defend ourselves against aggression, thanks to the right to bear arms — and yes, that includes aggressions from the government that liberals worship and wish had more power.
It’s about time we empower women, instead of terrifying them with liberal rhetoric. It’s amazing that these liberals still don’t get it. The complaining and whining will take them only so far. At some point, the realization that not everyone should get a participation trophy will damage so many liberals minds that we may see an even greater meltdown of the American liberal.
In the meantime, I’d advise Lady Gaga not to put all women in this “scared leftist” box. We aren’t fragile little snowflakes like her. We can handle ourselves.


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