Sean Hannity agrees CNN should be denied WH press credentials — What say you? Poll By Faye Higbee

There is trouble on the news media horizon. Fox’s Sean Hannity and CNN’s Brian Stetler appeared to get into a tiff on Twitter. It all started when Sean Hannity typed “amen” to another Twitter user’s call for news media who colluded with the Clintons not be allowed press credentials in the Trump White House. It devolved from there.screenshot-2016-11-14-15-47-06-640x341

CNN’s Brian Stetler saying that Hannity’s call for some news media outlets not to get Press credentials was “crazy.” Sean Hannity responded by calling Stetler an “FNC stalker.”






The BizPac Review called it a “dust up.” We call it hysterical.
Hannity is not a “journalist”- he’s a talk show host. He can have an opinion, just like any columnist. If you call yourself a “journalist” you should not be taking a side.

CNN took a side- they picked the Clinton Campaign, the one that they colluded with to destroy Trump. They were outed by Wikileaks. It’s been public knowledge for decades that CNN is the “Clinton News Network.”


The Donald Trump website “” has a place where news media can request press credentials. No word whether Mr. Stetler sent in his name.

So what you do think? Since CNN was in bed with Hillary Clinton and Democrats, do you think they should have White House press credentials? This is a poll- it should settle the issue, so be sure to vote. You’ve had plenty of practice with that lately.


One thought on “Sean Hannity agrees CNN should be denied WH press credentials — What say you? Poll By Faye Higbee

  • November 20, 2016 at 6:03 am

    Yes they were in bed with Hillary , And no let them report when someons dog poops or pees on there foot.


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