Woman Sets Her Husband On Fire For Raping Her 7 Year Old Daughter

When Vanessa Jackson found that her 52 year old husband, Vincent Phillips, raped and molested her daughter, she took matters into her own hands and lit him on fire.

The 40 year old mother waited for her husband to go to bed, then when he was asleep, she poured a combustible liquid on him and lit a match. She then admitted to police that she intentionally set him on fire because shooting him would have been ‘too nice.’

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Phillips didn’t die in the blaze and is being charged with a 1st degree sex crime. Jackson faces arson charges and assault charges.

The state of mind of Jackson, at the time she set Phillips on fire, is being questioned, “Should Jackson’s mental state at the time result in a lenient sentence when it comes time for the criminal court to address her situation of the crimes she is being charged with?”

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The public is worried that the state will punish Jackson too harshly for her crime of passion.

Currently, Jackson is in police custody awaiting a court hearing.

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Source : empireherald

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