Illegal Alien Tried To Kill Trump — BIG Mistake With Wrong Gun He Grabbed

An illegal alien who has no business being in this country, if he can’t do so legally, showed up at an event where he knew Donald Trump would be and tried to kill him. Since he couldn’t get a gun of his own to do it, he grabbed one from someone else who was there and made a big mistake with picking the wrong person’s weapon.

If Michael Sandford doesn’t like our new leader, he’s welcome to go back home to Britain where he belongs since he’s here illegally anyway. Now, he’s regretting staying here anyway after he tried to kill President-elect Trump at a big event when he got a tough lesson in how Americans do things when you take a guy’s gun and try to kill an important person.

Right after warming up at the shooting range, Sandford showed up to one of Trump’s well-attended campaign rallies this past June in Las Vegas. He approached a police officer and asked for his autograph as a stupid distraction to grab the cop’s gun and take aim at Trump who was just a few feet in front of him. Although he was stopped before he could get a round off, now six months later he got a heaping dose of karma which some still don’t think is enough for what he was trying to do in June.

According to the BBC, Sandford was arrested the night of the assassination attempt but just received his sentence for it this week. Despite premeditating the attack and actually grabbing a cop’s gun to do it with full intention of killing the candidate at the time, the illegal alien was only given 12 months in jail. The 20-year-old “pleaded guilty in September to being an illegal alien in possession of a firearm and disrupting an official function,” the report noted.

Illegal Alien Tried To Kill Trump — BIG Mistake With Wrong Gun He Grabbed
Sandford being arrested at Trump event in June

His mother seems to be happy with the light sentencing of her little wannabe assassin, saying that “he is remorseful over what he did.” It’s doubtful that he feels bad for anything other than not being successful in his plan and won’t be going down in infamy for it since he failed.

To only get a year in prison for trying to kill our next president is sending a message to other miscreants like him that it’s open season on our leader and may the best illegal win the prize of getting the round off, because if you try and don’t hit him, you’ll just get a time out for it. This guy should never see the light of day on American soil ever again.

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