Michelle SICKENS With Secret Message She Snuck In Christmas Story For Kids

If ever there was a person equal to Barack Obama when it comes to the damage done to this nation, it’s his wife. Proving that most recently was the nasty message that Michelle Obama slipped into a Christmas story she was reading to a few children – and parents are downright outraged over the subtle brainwashing.

There’s no arguing that the Obamas don’t ask permission when it comes to advancing their legacy — they just do it. Despite public opinion, if the current First Family thinks they can weasel their way into the history books, then they’ll cram whatever they must down the throats of the American people in order to get it.

We saw it with Michelle’s abysmal lunch program that left kids unsatisfied and hungry – but it looks like she’s far from done using children to get what she wants. Proving just that, Michelle decided to dictate her message to children and used a Christmas story to do it.

According to CNS News, “First Lady Michelle Obama and TV/radio host Ryan Seacrest read ‘The Night Before Christmas’ to a group of children at a Washington, D.C. hospital.” Sadly, like so many other times, she used what should have been a moment for the kids into a political scheme by slipping in a secret message.

“‘The stump of a pipe’ — I think St. Nick gave up smoking,” she interjected. (Laughter.) “This was a long time back,” she explained to the kids.

“This was written way back in the day,” Seacrest echoed.

“But way back in the day,” Mrs. Obama agreed. She continued: “The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth, and the smoke, it encircled his head like a wreath.” [Source: CNS News]

Of course, no one wants their children smoking in this day and age with the information available on the potentially devastating effects of the habit, but that’s not really the point. In all, a few parents were left shocked to see the message involuntarily injected into what should have been a fun Christmas story.

“There is no evidence that Santa Claus is currently or has ever been a smoker,” Political Insider reports. “’The Night Before Christmas’ is not considered a historically accurate document, even by the most ardent of Santa fans. This is simply a story. That’s it.”

Michelle SICKENS With Secret Message She Snuck In Christmas Story For Kids
Michelle Obama used the story as a creative way to brainwash children

Barack Obama also gave up smoking, which leads some to believe that Michelle was subtly suggesting that her husband was St. Nick. Just like Santa, Obama also has his own elves — the American taxpayers, who he uses to provide for everyone on his “Nice” list.

ather than try to change the minds of stubborn adults, they took to ensuring a more leftist leaning future by brainwashing the children of today. At the end of the day, this was just a Christmas story and didn’t need to be anything other than that. You’d think for once the Obama family could leave their grubby little hands off a political opportunity and, oh, I don’t know, just be there for the kids. What an embarrassment. January 20th can’t come soon enough.

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