DISGRACEFUL! 18 TERRORISTS To Get Special Gift From Obama. World Will Suffer!

It is truly amazing the way in which President Barack Obama has subverted the well being of Americans and jeopardized the rest of the world.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

President Obama is planning to transfer 17 or 18 detainees from the Guantanamo Bay military prison before his administration comes to a close in January.

The release of the detainees to Italy, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates would mark the single largest transfer under the Obama administration. If the administration is successful, 41 or 42 prisoners would remain in Gitmo under President-elect Donald Trump, the New York Times reported.

Obama pledged to close down the Guantanamo Bay detention facility by the end of his presidency, calling the prison “contrary” to American values. Fifty-nine detainees remain in the prison of the 242 who were left to Obama by former President George W. Bush.

So Congress if anyone of these Muslim savages hurts or murders citizens of any country their blood will be on your hands as you are responsible for allowing Obama to continue to kill. You should have impeached him a long time ago. Do something it is your job and moral obligation to humanity.

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