DON’T SHOP AT PUBLIX: Look At The DISGUSTING Thing They Did To Trump…

We told you that the left were a bunch of suckers. We told you that they would bitch and whine about losing the election. Don’t support businesses that are anti-Trump because they are anti-American.


Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye. You have nice stores but we will not shop there more. The Florida-based Publix grocery store has now told its stores to put a cover on National Enquirer magazines to offensive content. The offensive content that they are referring to is… Trump.

Look at this y’all. Check out these photos taken by Kristinn Taylor.

Photograph by Kristinn Taylor

This is just plain crazy! It makes you wanna go crazy! What is wrong with these people?

Photo by Kristinn Taylor

This probably happened cause some liberal whined about it. These photos were taken at a Central Florida Publix on December 28. They show a shield in front of the National Enquirer showing the Trump family.

Trump’s name was featured on the front of National Enquirer on the following dates: November 28, December 5, 12, 19 26 so far in 2016 – according to The Gateway Pundit.

Here is a sample of the covers that Trump-haters have had to endure. What is wrong with these whiny liberals? YOU LOST. GET OVER IT.

Cry. Cry. Cry, cry, cry! That’s all these whiny liberals do. This story was first reported by WFTX-TV on December 21. It was discovered by an outraged Trump supporter.

Let’s reverse this decision. There are more Trump supporters every day than there are whiny liberals that read the crap that the MSM spews to them.

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They will respond to us. According to Kristinn Taylor at the Gateway Pundit, a manager mentioned to her that “Publix could be pressured to reverse the decision by phone calls from people that disagree with their decision.”


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